The Band

The Band

Deadbeef is a spontaneous punk metal rock -band from Finland. We drink beer and make music. Rok.

The music is written at the same time it is being recorded. Vocals and leads sometimes included on the fly, sometimes added later. Beer is always included.


Arssi Lehola - Vocals, guitar, bass

Pasi Kulonen - Bass, guitar, vocals

Viska Partanen - Drums, guitar, vocals

Tessi Karvaniemi - Additional lead guitar

The Music

Deadbeef - The Beef Is Dead

Debut studio album, released 2011. Recorded 2010-2011. All songs written by Deadbeef.

Deadbeef - Buttfucked

Acoustic live album, released 2011. Recorded June 2011. All songs written by Deadbeef.


Special bits and pieces. Recorded whenever, released at some point, written by Deadbeef.